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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Credit Union's routing?

What is the Credit Union's routing number? Our Routing Number is 322274488 . These nine numbers can be found in the bottom left corner of your check or deposit slip. The next set of digits are your account number.

What is the routing number for Best Financial Credit Union?

272483316 is a routing number of BEST FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION. Check detailed information about 272483316. This bank routing number is required for electronic funds transfer. Bank routing number of BEST FINANCIAL CREDIT UNION is the first nine digits of the number along the bottom left section of your check.

What is the routing number for Alliance credit union?

Alliance Credit Union's routing number (the leftmost number on the bottom of a check) is 281081437. Sometimes, banks have multiple routing numbers for different branches or uses. Please make sure this is the correct routing number for your branch! The main phone number for Alliance Credit Union is (636) 343-7005.

Does Alliant offer cashier's checks?

Alliant offers an "Official Credit Union Check" that functions the same as a cashier's check. You can request an Official Credit Union Check through online banking or by calling us at 800-328-1935. Funds are deducted from your account at the time the Official Credit Union check is issued.

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