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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an auto loan from a credit union?

A credit union can be a good place to get an auto loan, but you have to meet their requirements in order to get approved. If you aren't a member, your credit score is keeping you from an approval, or you can't go through a credit union for any other reason, a special finance dealership could be your solution.

Is Alliant Credit Union good?

Alliant: Best credit union for checking and savings. Alliant Credit Union is a good one-stop shop if you want to open checking and savings accounts with good rates and low fees. High-Rate Checking earns a decent 0.65% annual percentage yield if you receive e-statements and have at least one recurring electronic deposit a month.

What is the best interest rate for a car loan?

The best way to get your best auto loan rate is to shop around and compare rates from more than one lender. FAQs about best auto loan rates What is a good interest rate for a car loan? The average auto loan APR was 9.46% in 2020, but it's possible to get a lower rate. We found rates as low as 1.04% APR, but manufacturers frequently offer 0% or nearly 0% financing.

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