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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 1970s house like?

Houses built in the 1970s definitely have their own charm. Whether it is the one-story ranch or other styles that were also popular, all of them leave a specific impression, including in the exterior design. However, things can be different if the house is bought by people nowadays.

What are the '70s decor trends?

’70s Decor Trends That Are Back In Style. 1 Fringe and Shag. sara_pavao / Instagram. 2 Hanging Chairs. 3 A Hanging Chair With a Stand. 4 Rattan Everything. 5 More Rattan. More items

Can a 70s House have an exterior makeover?

A new lawn exists between it and the driveway, too, adding a refreshing touch to the home exterior. Sometimes, an exterior makeover done to a 70s house is also completed with addition and extension for various reasons. A case like this is the one that you can find in the example above.

Are '70s living rooms making a case for a comeback?

These 12 living rooms make a case for a '70s comeback. An original stone fireplace is all this room needs to feel perfectly '70s, with a modern edge. If hippie vibes are your thing, take note of this 1970s-inspired living room.

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