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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at 4750g?

4750G Newsletter Subscription Latest News LG's new G2 OLED TVs: huge 83-inch, gigantic 97-inch OLED models AMD Ryzen 7000 series: Zen 4, DDR5, ready to battle Alder Lake in 2022 AMD Radeon RX 6850M XT: best mobile RDNA 2 GPU + faster 18Gbps GDDR6

What is the transistor count of the AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750g?

Thanks to AMD Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT) the core-count is effectively doubled, to 16 threads. Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G has 8MB of L3 cache and operates at 3.6 GHz by default, but can boost up to 4.4 GHz, depending on the workload. AMD is making the Ryzen 7 PRO 4750G on a 7 nm production node, the transistor count is unknown.

Is the HP 4750g good for gaming?

Real gaming testing with Gears Tactics showed a rather decent 44.2 FPS on average 1080p High for the 4750G and DeskMini X300. System I/O Benchmarks and Power Consumption

What is the difference between the core i7-10700 and the 4700g/4750g?

The biggest difference between the Core i7-10700 and the 4700G/4750G boils down to integrated graphics. The 10700 comes equipped with Intel's generally lackluster UHD Graphics 630 engine, while the Renoir model features much faster RX Vega cores.

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