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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add POP email to Outlook?

Use for POP Email Accounts. Log in to your account and click Options (gear icon) and select More Mail Settings. From the Options screen click “Your Email Accounts” under Managing Your Account. Under Add an Email Account click the Add a Send-and-Receive Account button.

What is the pop setting for Outlook?

To use POP3/SMTP with your account, you'll use these settings: Incoming server name: Outgoing server: While setting up the account, click on the More Settings button and on Outgoing Mail Servers tab, select the My server requires authentication box.

What does pop up mean in outlook?

Post Office Protocol (POP) means that all of your email is downloaded from your Internet Service Provider to your own personal computer and (usually) deleted from the server. If you created folders in your email program, those folders are only accessible on your own personal computer.

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