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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spotify need a web player?

In comparison, Spotify currently boasts around 20 million. And yet, of course Spotify needs a web application. Having Spotify on the browser isn’t just about appeasing a few Chromebook users or sticking it in the face of Rdio. It’s about accessibility anywhere on the world on any platform with an Internet connection.

Can't open Spotify web player?

Spotify web player not working: Best fixes Open Spotify web player in a private window. Very often, it's a browser that misbehaves, not Spotify. ... Allow protected content in your browser. One of the most common error messages that Spotify users come across has to do with protected content. Clean up browser cache. ... Fix "Spotify can't play this right now" error. ...

Why is Spotify not playing?

Spotify not playing next song can be caused by issues with the Spotify app, the app can malfunction, the files can be corrupted and subscription problems. The main reason Spotify does not play the next song happens is in the settings of Spotify. You might have forgotten to turn on the autoplay button hence it forces you to manually click on the ...

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