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Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Zealand colder than Australia?

New Zealand is a lot colder than Australia as it is more open because its a much smaller island. It's also closer to Antarctica than most of Australia which means that it receives a lot of the Antarctic winds.

Is New Zealand like Australia?

Making a generalization, Australia is a desert country, while New Zealand is a garden – completely different, but equally fascinating. Australia’s outback is an adventure like no other, with termite mounds tall as houses, cooling gorges, canyons, national parks, and of course the impressive Ayers Rock and Alice Springs.

Is it safe to visit New Zealand?

New Zealand is generally a very safe place to travel with a relatively low crime rate, few endemic diseases and a great healthcare system. Visitors are still advised to take the same care with your personal safety and your possessions as you would in any other country, or at home.

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