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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is sssniperwolf and what is he famous for?

Rocking YouTube with over 18.7 million subscribers, SSSniperWolf is the rising sensation and the name on everyone’s mind and browser. The channel is not only about video games and cosplays, but we also get sneak peeks into the life of this sensational English-American YouTube star.

Who is SSS sniperwolf?

SSSniperwolf is a YouTuber, Gamer, vlogger by profession and British by nationality. She is well known for her gameplay videos, cosplay and mostly YouTube videos. SSSniperwolf – Bio, Age, Family, Education SSSniperwolf’s birth took place on October 22, 1992, England.

What is sssssniperwolf's reaction video?

SSSniperWolf does a ‘cheap series’ in which she features cheap men, women, mothers etc. In this reaction video, she records her reaction while reviewing a very thrifty family. The video has more than 14 million views and 39K comments.

Why has sssniperwolf been 'cancelled'?

Here’s why Sssniper has been ‘cancelled’ on Twitter. Why has Sssniperwolf been ‘cancelled’? Some Twitter users have ‘cancelled’ Sssniperwolf after they found old videos of her using transphobic and racist language. Sssniperwolf has made fun of a trans woman for insisting that a Gamestop cashier call her “ma’am” instead of “sir.”

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