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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the workday Learning Center?

The Workday Learning Center is how our users will access Extended Enterprise—our new Workday product that builds on the functionality of Workday Learning. Workday Learning caters to workers within an organization, such as employees and contingent workers, and is designed to allow our customers to deliver learning to their own people.

How does workday work?

Learning in the flow of work. With Workday, learning is automatically surfaced in the worker’s journey, when and where they need it. So your teams can focus more on nurturing talent. Personalized content. We suggest content based on all the things we know about your people. This way, everyone gets learning that matters to them.

How do I register for Workday learning?

Workday Learning External Portal Register Create a Workday Learning account or Log Into Workday When creating your account, select the affiliation for the agency that isproviding the training you need to take.

What is workday extended enterprise for learning?

Track external learning. See what engages your learners. Learning that works for a dynamic workforce. Workday Extended Enterprise for Learning allows you to bring learning to workers outside of your business. So vendors, contractors, partners, and other third-party organizations you work with can develop the skills they need to do their best work.

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