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Frequently Asked Questions

How does workday help Belk grow its e-commerce business?

Belk grows its e-commerce business with a flexible HCM system. Belk grows its e-commerce business with a flexible HCM system. “Workday has solved a number of critical issues for Belk. Getting everybody into Workday and onto a common talent management process was a huge win for us.”—Senior Manager, HRIS

Will Belk hire more employees for the year-end holidays?

Belk will continue to hire as many as 10,000 additional, temporary employees for the year-end holidays, increasing headcount by about 40 percent. Legacy technology lacked the flexibility and transparency to support change and efficiency.

What is the workday system?

The Workday system is very intuitive and provides immediate access to information they need. Without Workday, seasonal and permanent hiring, let alone change management, would be much more difficult and time-consuming.”

What is Belk change management?

Belk is realigning retail associates and processes to support e-commerce fulfillment and provide excellent customer experiences. The change management involved in this effort requires frequent, detailed communications to make sure employees understand how they can grow and be successful in their expanded roles.

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