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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Incubus Make Yourself Tour 2019?

Incubus Make Yourself Tour 2019. Incubus have announced a fall tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough third album, Make Yourself. Entitled the “20 Years of Make Yourself & Beyond” tour, the lengthy trek will take the funk rockers to 39 North American cities.

Who are Incubus?

Since first coming together in 1991, the Grammy nominated band, Incubus, have consistently elevated themselves and alternative music to new creative heights. The California band’s sales have eclipse 23 million albums worldwide to date with multiplatinum and platinum certifications from around the globe.

When was the last Incubus concert?

The last Incubus concert was on February 04, 2023 at Fillmore New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. What songs does Incubus play live? Are You In?

When does Incubus return?

It was followed by the aptly named "8" (2017). On May 23, 2023, Incubus will return to its roots at the Sick New World Festival, where it will headline with SoaD, KoЯn, Deftones, and many other nu metal legends. "Nova Rock Festival" / Die Ärzte / Nightwish / Broilers / Incubus / Architects (UK) / VV / Josh.

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