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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Japanese macaque?

The Japanese macaque is a monkey of medium size. They are also called the snow monkey because they often live in snowy regions. They have long, thick fur, of a brown or grey color. The dense fur contrasts with their faces, which have naked skin, as do their rump, which is red in adults. The male is larger than the female.

Where do macaques live?

Macaque. Depending on the species, they live in forests, on plains, or among cliffs and rocky terrain. Macaques are omnivorous, and they possess large cheek pouches in which they carry extra food. Breeding occurs year-round in some (mostly tropical) species, but, among those living outside the tropics, it is seasonal.

Do Japanese macaques use hot springs?

Japanese Macaques are often observed utilizing hot springs. Japanese Macaques exhibit some of the most unique learning behaviors in the animal kingdom. While many animals are equipped with instincts programmed within them for survival, some organisms must teach their young the skills needed to survive.

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