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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to whentowork?

If your scheduling manager has created a schedule for you at WhenToWork, then you already have a login created for you. Sign in anytime from anywhere No cost for employees FREE mobile app Know your username/password? Click the "Sign In" buttonin the upper right of this page to go to the Sign In pageand bookmark it for the future.

What happens when I add an employee at whentowork?

When you add an employee at WhenToWork, we automatically create an employee account for them with a unique temporary username and password. This allows each employee to sign in at via their computer or phone to see published schedules, request time off, and any other functions that you allow them to perform.

How does whentowork work?

WhenToWork's proprietary AutoFillcan automatically assign your shifts to create an optimal schedule, making both you and your employees happy while reducing absenteeism, turnover and overtime.

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