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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tom Gentile’s weekly cash clock a scam?

The Weekly Cash Clock is a newsletter from Tom Gentile that gives you options trade recommendations based on both patterns spotted by his proprietary system and special “weekly distribution” contracts. It costs $4,995 for a year’s subscription which is nonrefundable. I don’t believe it’s a scam, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme either.

What is the weekly cash clock?

The Weekly Cash Clock is published by Money Map press a Baltimore, Maryland based leading publisher of subscription based financial / trading research and advisory services. The company is headed by Mike Ward a doyen of the financial publishing world and associate of Neil Patel, the high profile Angel Investor and celebrated digital marketer.

What is Tom's weekly cash clock?

Tom’s Weekly Cash Clock tool is one of the fastest – and lowest-risk – ways to make mo ney around. But remember, the Weekly Cash Clock is Tom’s exclusive market analytics system. It’s not available to anyone at any price.

How much can you really make with this two-hour cash clock?

According to Tom (and Money Morning’s Mike Ward who interviewed him), you can make up to $4,325 in just two hours using this system. Weekly Cash Clock is a subscription where Tom shares information he learns from his unique market analytics system.

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