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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weekly cash clock?

(Error Code: 102630) Tom Gentile's revolutionary Weekly Cash Clock tool crunches through countless data points in millions of market channels. It detects market convergences that indicate exactly when certain stocks jump in a given week. You'll be in on Monday, and out on Friday with a pocket full of cash!

What is Tom's weekly cash clock?

Tom’s Weekly Cash Clock tool is one of the fastest – and lowest-risk – ways to make mo ney around. But remember, the Weekly Cash Clock is Tom’s exclusive market analytics system. It’s not available to anyone at any price.

What is Tom Gentile’s weekly cash clock?

Tom Gentile’s Weekly Cash Clock is a subscription-based newsletter and self-proclaimed “advisory research service” where he offers recommendations for options trades based on a proprietary system he created. It’s all based on a tool he created that searches 200 of the “safest” stocks in the U.S. market to spot specific patterns.

What is a weekly distribution contract?

Weekly Distribution Contracts are a specific types of weekly options contract that is required by law to pay out any gains within a week. These contracts are supposedly what allows you to make higher gains than if you were to just invest in the stock itself. So, for example, let’s say you invested in a stock and made .5% gains.

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