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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the VirtualBox extension pack on macOS?

Mac users can also install the VirtualBox Extension Pack through the command line in one of two ways, manually or with cask. If you already downloaded the VirtualBox Extension Pack, simply run the following command in the Terminal:

How to upgrade VirtualBox to the latest version?

So close down VirtualBox, download and double-click on the extension pack, and VirtualBox will launch and install it for you, upgrading any earlier version you might have. The Extension Pack enhances VirtualBox with some useful capabilities.

What is vboxmanage and how do I use it?

Note: VBoxManage is a tool for managing VirtualBox and VMs via CLI. It comes by default with VirtualBox. 1. Open the Command Prompt. 2. Navigate to the default VirtualBox installation directory using the cd command: 3. Then, install the VirtualBox Extension pack using the VBoxManage tool: For example, if your file is in the Downloads folder, enter:

How do I connect to a VirtualBox virtual machine?

Connect to a remote VM through the VirtualBox interface. Encrypt, protect, and move stored sensitive data safely. Boot up a VM using an emulated PXE boot ROM for installing an operating system. VirtualBox GUI works the same cross-platform, and installing the Virtual Box Extension Pack is similar for any OS.

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