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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install VirtualBox?

Steps to Install Ubuntu On VirtualBox 1. Start VirtualBox and click New button to create virtual machine. 2. Select the memory size to allot to new vm as per below screenshot. 3. As we are creating new virtul machine so just select option “Create a virtual hard drive now” and click Create button.

Is it safe to install VirtualBox?

VirtualBox is 100% safe, this program lets you download os (operating system) and run it as a virtual machine, that doesn't mean that the virtual os is virus free (well depends, if you download windows for example, it will be like if you had a normal windows computer, there are viruses).

Does Windows 10 support VirtualBox?

Now, we can run VirtualBox or VMWare workstation side by side with inbuilt Hypervisor Manager of the Windows 10 using its API. Note: If you yet are not able to use VirtualBox without disabling the Hyper-V on Windows 10, there here is the solution... However, a few operating systems would not work and give output in the freezing of VMs on boot.

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