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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Las Vegas in October 2022?

Are you a big fan of Halloween and spooky entertainment? If so, then you will find plenty of thrilling Las Vegas shows in October 2022. Sin City is filled with orange and black Halloween colors on the streets to go with the occasion, but nothing beats the stunning magic and fear of many Las Vegas October shows.

What shows are in Las Vegas in October 2021?

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Shows in October 2021 : 10/1-31 - Criss Angel 10/1-31 - The Jets 80s 90s Experience 10/1-31 - Hitzville 10/1-31 - Beatleshow 10/1-31 - All Shook Up 10/1-31 - The Mentalist 10/1-31 - Gregory Popovich Comedy Pet 10/1-31 - Nathan Burton Comedy Magic 10/1-31 - V The Ultimate Variety 10/1-31 - Zombie Burlesque 10/1-31 - Vegas!

What is happening in Las Vegas in October 2019?

Las Vegas shows in October 2019 include concerts by Aerosmith, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga. Comedy shows in October include stand up comedians Ray Romano and David Spade, Daniel Tosh.

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