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Frequently Asked Questions

What is variant?

Variant is backed by an industry leader with decades of experience, and driven by fresh thinking. Best of all, these resources are all focused on improving the lives of professional drivers. Driven by people and empowered by technology, we’re building the future of trucking.

What makes variant the best trucking company in Georgia?

Variant is one of the top trucking companies in Georgia that train drivers, but they are focused on recruiting experienced drivers. What Makes Variant Unique? Variant stands out because of its unique and technology-focused approach to trucking.

What is the difference between US Xpress and variant trucks?

Shippers will continue to engage with the U.S. Xpress brand; Variant trucks may service freight while running under the U.S. Xpress operating authority. The difference is that Variant drivers won’t be micromanaged by dispatchers and fleet managers, will get the opportunity to make more money, and will have the best equipment available.

How many trucks are in the variant fleet?

Today about 475 trucks are in the Variant fleet, U.S. Xpress President and Chief Executive Officer Eric Fuller said. The big question is whether U.S. Xpress can continue to find efficiencies and deliver the same level of outperformance as Variant scales and accounts for a larger proportion of the overall over-the-road fleet.

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