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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see my paycheck on upsers?

We identified a technical issue on The issue does not affect paychecks or direct deposits. Unfortunately, until the issue is fully resolved, we have removed homepage links to View Paycheck, Benefits Resource Center and View Profile. In the U.S., the link to view paycheck in UPS Go has also been disabled.

How do I Register my upsers account?

Please, follow these below simple steps to successfully register your UPSers account: – Please pick your language choice. – Next, please click the Login button. – Now, please Get in Worker [email protected], then please click the Next button. – Now, please Get in PIN, then click the Sign-in button.

What are the benefits of the ups portal?

This portal is unique and strictly restricted to the workers dealing with the UPS business. You can access different services like raising tickets, managing employee benefits, requesting leaves, getting payroll information, and other personnel’s ups.

Is there a comment section on the upsers homepage?

The comments section on the UPSERS homepage is pure gold. So many disgruntled employees Anyone else having trouble logging in today? I want to view my paycheck as I have gone completely paperless.

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