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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during an update?

When an update finishes and Windows starts in a stable state, it marks it as 'done'. If your computer crashes during an update, the next time it restarts it detects the update didn't finish and rolls back to the backed up state.

What is the definition of updated?

Updated is defined as made something current or gave someone the latest information. If you went through your contact list and deleted people you no longer talked to so the list was the most current version, this is an example of when you updated your contact list.

How do I update my updates?

Click the Start button and in the search box, type Update and then hit Enter. In the list of results, select Windows Update. Click Check for updates, and then click View available updates. In the list of available updates, right-click any update that you don’t want to see again, and choose Hide Update.

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