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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it for Russia to invade Ukraine?

Russian President Vladimir Putin will have to think twice about the price of invading Ukraine. But it may be worth it. We asked military experts to assess the strengths of Ukraine and Russia should Russia invade. Ukraine has been fighting in Donbass for seven years. Its skills and equipment are vastly improved.

What happened to Ukraine’s military?

In 2014, Ukraine's underfunded and obsolete Soviet-era military was essentially unable to respond to the events in Donbass and Crimea, leaving Ukrainians to form self-styled and often locally supported militias.

How can the United States defend Ukraine against Russia?

That move would likely infuriate Putin. On top of the protection that Patriots could provide from an air attack, the Americans could authorize the deployment of an advanced weapons system already in Ukrainian hands, the Javelin anti-tank missile. Javelins are high-tech weapons designed specifically to fight advanced Russian battle tanks.

Is Ukraine's military now capable of holding the front lines?

While several remain active on the front lines, Ukraine's military is now capable of holding its positions and would inflict heavy casualties on a Russian attack, said a former UK special forces soldier who has spent considerable time in Donbass providing security for media organizations.

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