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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adidas' new bra campaign?

Adidas has divided Twitter with its new sports bra campaign which features women’s bare breasts. The German sportswear brand has rolled out a new collection of women’s sports bras that aim to support women of all shapes and sizes. To market the range, Adidas tweeted an image of several pairs of boobs which has set Twitter alight.

Does Adidas have a bare breast bra?

Adidas will soon debut a new sports bra line, but one of its ads doesn’t show the bra at all. Instead, Adidas tweeted a photo grid of 25 pairs of bare breasts in all their natural, diverse glory. The sports apparel company pinned the ad to its Twitter page Wednesday, under a link that connects to the bra collection for anyone who makes it that far.

Why did Adidas''Sport Bra' ad go viral?

The ad was obviously meant to be an attention-grabber and, not surprisingly, it went viral. Adidas ignited plenty of discussion – although perhaps not as much about sports bras or this specific new collection as the company might have hoped. Women and men on Twitter both weighed in on Adidas’ marketing ploy – with decidedly mixed reactions.

Why are Adidas bra ads banned in the UK?

The campaign was released to promote the 72 sizes included in Adidas' sports bra range. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has banned Adidas' sports bra ads featuring bare breasts. Some complainants told the ASA that the ads "objectified women" and reduced them to body parts.

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