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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Clarence Clemons?

The new issue of Rolling Stone, on stands and available through Rolling Stone All Access on July 22nd, contains an in-depth tribute to Clarence Clemons, who died on June 18th. In the piece, Clemons’ widow Victoria shares her memories of life with the Big Man. Here is the complete e-mail interview with Victoria Clemons. How did you meet Clarence?

What is Bruce Springsteen's statement on Clarence Clemons passing?

Rolling Stone. ^ "Bruce Springsteen's Statement on Clarence Clemons Passing: 'Loss is Immeasurable' ". Billboard. Retrieved June 20, 2011. ^ "June 19, 2011 Setlist". Retrieved December 19, 2015. ^ "Vedder Sings 'Without You' on 'Letterman' ". Rolling Stone. June 21, 2011. Retrieved October 2, 2021.

What is the Clemons Classic Rock & Roll Party?

Traditionally an annual charity event hosted by Clemons called The Classic Rock & Roll Party, the event paid tribute to Clemons' life and all he did for Home Safe, a non-profit organization helping victims of child abuse and domestic violence.

What did Clarence do when he wasn't blowing his sax?

When Clarence wasn’t out blowing his sax, he really was a homebody. We did enjoy going on fishing trips, but at home he liked to cook, watch movies and smoke cigars. He loved to watch sports, especially NBA basketball and the NFL (his teams were the Miami Heat, and both the Dolphins and the Jets). He played golf in his imagination.

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