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Frequently Asked Questions

What is torrentfunk and how does it work?

TorrentFunk has been there for years, providing every movie lover the best of their requirement. The website gives you everything software, TV shows, movies, and games etc. All that the user does is to grab his desired file and put them in the BitTorrent and start downloading.

Is torrentfunk better than torrentz2?

TorrentFunk TorrentFunk is best compared to Torrentz2 as an interactive torrent search engine – one that’s been around since 2011. However, it doesn’t act the same way. In fact, it might be more accurate to call TorrentFunk an aggregator torrent site rather than a true torrent search engine.

Why can't I access torrentfunk?

TorrentFunk updates its network very fast with a high-quality torrent of the latest stuff, letting thousands of users to download torrents daily from the website. If you can’t access TorrentFunk then it probably means the website is blocked on your Internet connection too.

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