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Frequently Asked Questions

Is gamestorrents safe?

Is gamestorrents safe? Worldwide users love this game. Enjoy farming, stock up and make friends. Your tropical island is waiting for you! It is as safe as any other torrent site. But i do love its interface. To be sure about any torrent is to read the comments first, this implies for any other torrent site also.

Are torrent sites safe?

With legal action currently taking down and threatening the major verified torrent sites, users ask which torrent sites are safe. Now, more than ever before, people want the most reliable torrent websites that have the widest availability of files but remain safe and secure with minimal risk to their computer systems.

What is the best game torrenting site?

GazelleGames is an excellent site dedicated to proven game torrents. Unfortunately, due to government crackdowns, the site has opted for a membership approach. This means you cannot enter the site unless a member invites you. Similar to popular torrenting website Demonoid in the past, GazelleGames opens up free registrations once in a while.

Is BitTorrent safe to use?

It’s as safe as the torrents made available on it. Basically it’s impossible to tell because some torrents may be infected with malware/virus/ransomware, but you wouldn’t know untill you tried to run the downloaded file from the website. It’s better to steer clear from torrent sites/links when it comes to copyight protected content.

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