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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download PS1 roms for free?

Anyone can rediscover (or explore) the irresistible vibes of the 90s. Play at home or on the move, with or without access to the internet. At ROMs Planet, you can download unlimited top PSx ROMs. Emulators are free, too — we have a range of PS1 ISOs for all gamers.

How do I play PS1 games on my PSP?

Download EBOOT PlayStation 1 games converted for PSP. Put your psx game on your Sony PSP. Plug your PSP into your PC or Mac computer via the USB cable, and nagivate to the /PSP/GAME directory on the MS Pro Duo card. Put your newly created PSX games directory with your new EBOOT.PBP file there along with a copy of your PlayStation 1.

What is a PS1?

Today, this is a large family of products complete with a media center, controllers, handhelds, and even a phone. PlayStation is truly legendary, partly due to its rich library. PS1 ROMs (i.e., PSx games) allow players to experience cult classic games on modern devices. Check our extensive collection of PlayStation iso games today!

Where to download code breaker PSX PS1 ISO?

Code Breaker [U] (Unl) PSX PS1 ISO The second 3D fighting game in the Blue Breaker can easily download from this official site emuparadise Code Breaker [U] (Unl) PSX PS1 ISO DOWNLOAD HERE Tekken (E) Ps1 ISO [SCES-00005] Tekken is the 3D fighting game made by Namco.

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