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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Telugu movie review website? is an Indian film industry and review website that features information and news on Telugu cinema. It is one of the oldest websites on the internet focusing on Telugu films. [1] The site is especially popular for its film reviews written by the founder Jeevi.

How did Jeevi Krishna start Idlebrain?

In December 1999 he launched, a website covering Telugu cinema, with the help of his friend Sunil Krishna who was based in Sunnyvale, California. Initially, Sunil hosted the site on his home computer. Jeevi used to contribute to the fledgling site personally while also keeping his dayjob. [4]

How many visitors does Idlebrain have?

In October 2008 Jeevi claimed that Idlebrain had about one lakh daily visitors, with about 40% of them from the US and 50% from metros in India. [4] in August 2002, Geetanath V. of The Hindu opined that the website was "not only colourful, but also has several attractive features contrary to its name".

Is Idlebrain popular among NRIs?

In its October 2008 issue, lifestyle magazine Hyderabad Josh noted that Idlebrain is popular among the NRI community especially in the US. It further mentioned that Idlebrain had a sizeable following among movie buffs in metropolitan cities of India like Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Bangalore.

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