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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert Unicode text into Anu fonts?

But, there’s a tool that we can use to convert unicode text into Anu fonts easily. What we need to do is just copy the unicode text and the tool will convert the text into Anu fonts ready. You can just paste the Anu fonts text in the word. That’s it! “Anu Indian Cultural Cliparts” developed by the company is also very popular all over India.

What is the standard Unicode range for Telugu?

The standard Unicode range for Telugu is U+0C00..U+0C7F. Your best bet is probably to analyze the similarities and differences between the code points used by Anu Script Software and the Unicode standard range for Telugu, and then use the Unicode standard codes. You might need to understand combining accents and various other aspects of Telugu.

Why is Anu script manager not Unicode?

When you use Anu Script Manager, the resulting text will not be in Unicode. That means you cannot effectively use that text on the web: (1) Users see it as junk characters unless they have necessary Anu fonts. Not everyone can get Anu fonts as they are not free.

How to read and write Telugu in Nepali Unicode?

You need to install any of the telugu unicode font to read or write telugu , commonly used unicode telugu font is Akshar Note: Don’t remove copyright link to nepali unicode website. This is the only pay back to developer for using Nepali Unicode.

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