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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a supported scaffold?

A supported scaffold is made up of one or multiple platforms supported by galvanized pipes, poles, frames and other rigid materials. This enables them to offer safe platforms for working on heights, which could also add to the efficiency of work for your project.

What are the types of scaffolding?

There are three basic different types of scaffolding: supported scaffolds, suspension scaffolds and manlifts or personnel hoists. Supported scaffolds are one or more platforms held up by items like poles and frames. Suspended scaffolds are platforms held by rope or some other overhead support.

What is suspended scaffolding?

Suspended scaffolds are platforms suspended by ropes, or other non-rigid means, from an overhead structure. Because two-point scaffolds are the most common type of suspended scaffold, this eTool uses the Two-Point module to describe requirements that apply to all suspended scaffolds.

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