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Frequently Asked Questions

How much sumo wrestlers earn?

Sumo wrestlers get paid anywhere between ¥1.1 to ¥3 million ($9,500 to $24,500) a month if they are ranked. However, top Sumo wrestlers can win as much as ¥10 million ($88,613.50) in a Grand Tournament, on top of the thousand-dollar bonuses they might earn based on their performance in a match. Take note that the process of climbing the ...

How long do Sumo wrestlers live for?

The life expectancy of a sumo wrestler is 63.6 years, according to the best answer at this Japanese Q&A site: Of the 100 wrestlers with experience in makuuchi (pro sumo's top division) who died between 1980 and 2002, the average age at death was 63.6.

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