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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Statesman Journal mean?

The Statesman Journal is the major daily newspaper published in Salem, Oregon, United States.

Why is the Statesman Journal not delivering on Monday?

The Statesman Journal is suspending delivery of the Monday edition of the newspaper due to the snow and ice weather emergency in the Willamette Valley that has created hazardous driving conditions. The circulation department is planning on delivering the Monday, Dec. 27 edition on Tuesday, as weather permits.

Who owns the Oregon Statesman newspaper?

It is owned, along with the neighboring Stayton Mail and Silverton Appeal Tribune, by the national Gannett Company. The Oregon Statesman was founded by Samuel Thurston, the first delegate from the Oregon Territory to the US Congress.

Who owns the Salem Journal?

By the end of the year, Parry sold the Journal to William H. Byars (who also was elected that year as Salem's City Surveyor), one of many ownership changes in subsequent years. (In 1890, Byars was appointed by Pres. Benjamin Harrison as U.S. Surveyor General for Oregon.)

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