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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Johnson fire in Arizona?

The Johnson Fire is approximately 42,126 acres and is burning in the... The Dry Creek Fire is located in a remote and rugged part of Hells... Crews working to prevent Mescal Fire from crossing US Highway... Please take a moment to at the links section of this page to see... The Slate Fire is located in the Flagstaff Ranger District...

When was the south Yaak fire detected in 2021?

Following a round of lightning in the afternoon on August 2, four new... For questions related to the Middle Fork of the Salmon River; boat... The South Yaak Fire was detected on July 13, 2021. It is burning in...

What is the status of the Windy fire closure?

Forest Service managed land burned in the Windy Fire remain closed under a Forest area closure . For public safety, the Trail of 100 Giants and other points of interest in the burned area are expected to remain closed until spring.

How long has the summit trail fire been burning?

The Summit Trail Fire started July 12, 2021 and is burning 17... Mack Mountain Fire started August 5, 2021 and is burning 20 miles... The Turkey Tail and Green Ridge fires began from lightning strikes... The Bulldog Mountain & Mack Mountain Fires started August 5, 2021 and... The McCash Fire was located on July 31, 2021 around 7:00 pm. The...

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