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Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank is safe for fixed deposit in India?

The following banks offer attractive interest rates as well as flexibility: State Bank of India - SBI offers tax-saving fixed deposits with a lock-in period of 5 years. ... ICICI Bank - You can opt for a fixed deposit which pays interest on monthly or quarterly basis. ... Axis Bank - The bank offers fixed deposits under reinvestment or quarterly compounding basis. ... More items...

What is the savings account interest rate in India?

Best savings interest rates in India. 1) IndusInd Bank savings account. The bank offers a differential interest rate depending on the account holders balance in the saving acccount. It offers a minimum 4% interest rate, for a minimum balance of Rs 10,000 upto 10 Lakhs.

What is the interest rate on FD in ICICI?

It is titled as 'ICICI Bank Golden Years FD' and it offers an interest rate of 6.55%. This is 80 basis points (bps) higher than the interest offered to the general public.

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