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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do to fix the Spotify web player if it's not working?

Another trick you can apply when the Spotify web player is not working is to use an incognito or private mode. When you open the web player in this window, your browser will prevent your browsing history and other data when used. This step helps you fix issues which influenced or resulted by other data in your browser.

What are some common issues that can cause the Spotify web player to not work?

There are several reasons that would cause this issue. And the following are the main reasons that result in the Spotify web player not working. 1. Network or VPN connection 2. Ad blockers or whitelist 3. Data cache or cookies 4. Browser versions Part 2. Solutions to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

What are some tips for using Spotify web player?

Currently, Spotify web player is only compatible with a part of browsers on your Android and iOS devices, as well as, computers. To use the web player, make sure that your Android device is running Android OS 6.0 or higher. Then you can use Chrome, Samsung Internet, or Firefox to browse the web player.

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