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Frequently Asked Questions

What does situs mean?

Definition of "Situs". Kim Schmitt & The Britt, Real Estate Agent RE/MAX Advanced. “What is Situs?”, you ask. Situs is a word in Latin that basically means the site or location where something exists or originates. Like most words in latin, situs is usually used for legal purposes.

Is situs a good idea?

Not to mention that, if the use of situs was warranted there, it would actually be a positive point for the location: a poor neighborhood is more likely to have less expensive tax than one where the property value of homes is high. There are also times when situs is used in complicated legal decisions regarding real estate.

What is the difference between situs and lex situs?

Situs (law) It can be essential to determine the situs of an object, and the lex situs, because there are substantial differences between the laws in different jurisdictions governing, for example: whether property has been transferred effectively; what taxes apply (such as inheritance tax, estate tax, wealth tax,...

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