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Frequently Asked Questions

Is signing agent services a full-time job?

Signing agent services can be performed on a full-time or part-time basis, either as a full-time career or simply as an additional source of income, depending on the notary's availability and personal desire.

How much do you get paid to be a signing agent?

Signing Agent Jobs ( is seeking for someone to fill the position of a Virtual Mortgage Loan Closer to work in the U.S.RESPONSIBILITIES:Prepare all closing documents to send to title.Review Title ... SALARY: $85.00-$200.00 per loan signing appointmentJOB REQUIREMENTS: Computer, Internet, and a home ...

How do I become a loan signing agent?

The most important requirements to become a loan signing agent are: Knowledge of the various loan documents borrowers will be signing. Your notary license. Errors and Omissions insurance.

How do signing agents receive assignments?

Another way to receive signing agent assignments is to directly market yourself to these other entities such as banks and title companies. When you work as a third party service provider, your fee is divided with the provider, which is the agency.

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