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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best money market rate?

Best Money Market Rates BMO Harris: 1.65% APY. Chicago-based digital bankers, BMO Harris, has nearly 600 branches in states across the country. ... UFB Direct: 1.70% APY. The bank itself accepts deposits under Axos Bank (of which it is a subdivision)'s FDIC certificate. ... CIT Bank: 1.55% APY. ... Investors eAccess: 1.35% APY. ... TIAA Bank: 1.40% Intro APY. ... Sallie Mae: 1.15% APY. ...

Are money market accounts better than savings?

Money market accounts and traditional savings accounts are not vastly different, but there is more than one difference between money market and savings instruments. While both usually offer excellent security and good liquidity, certain money market vs. savings account features may offer a better fit than another for your saving goals.

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