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Frequently Asked Questions

How many credit unions are in Alberta?

There are nearly 200 credit union branches located across Alberta in communities large and small. Find a credit union near you and get started today. Introducing the new Credit Unions of Alberta brand! We are happy to introduce the new Credit Unions of Alberta logo and refreshed website as of November 2022.

Is Servus Credit Union a trademark?

SERVUS CREDIT UNION, the SERVUS circle, FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR MONEY and UNLIKE YOUR BANK and all associated logos are trademarks owned by Servus Credit Union, whether or not denoted with ® or TM.

Where can I find abcu credit union?

ABCU Credit Union. Beaumont Branch/. Corporate Branch. 5007-50 Avenue. Beaumont, Alberta. T4X 1E7. Phone: 780-929-8561. Fax: 780-929-2999. City Centre Branch.

What can a credit union do for You?

No matter what your family looks like, credit unions are by your side with honest advice on mortgages, investments, budgeting and paying down debt — everything you need to help your money grow. Being a business owner can be overwhelming at times.

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