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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the county of Santa Clara meeting portal?

The County of Santa Clara Meeting Portal includes agendas, minutes, videos, and supporting materials for all meetings of the Board of Supervisors and Board Policy Committees.

What is the role of the county supervisors?

Customer service is a top priority for the County, which oversees services and programs for a multilingual, culturally diverse community. Residents are represented by an elected five-member Board of Supervisors. The District Attorney, Sheriff and Assessor are also elected.

How do I address the Board of Supervisors by teleconference?

Teleconference (Zoom) links for meetings will be provided at the top of each agenda and on the Board of Supervisors Welcome Page of the County Meeting Portal. To address the Board by virtual teleconference, click on the Zoom link provided to access the meeting. Please read the following instructions carefully.

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