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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safecomp conference series?

The SAFECOMP Conference Series offers a platform for knowledge and technology transfer between academia, industry, research institutions and standardization bodies in the areas of safety, reliability and security regarding critical computer applications.

What is safecomp 2023?

SafeComp 2023 42nd International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security 19-22 September 2023, Toulouse, France Welcome ! Let’s explore new frontiers of computer safety. This 42th edition of SAFECOMP is a unique occasion to explore and debate hot topics of current challenges and solutions for future safety critical systems.

What is safecomp 2021?

The tradition of SafeComp is to act as a platform for bringing together academic research and industrial needs. In 2021 we want this industrial and real-world experience to be a strong element of the conference. We solicit two types of papers:

What does SAFECOM do?

SAFECOM works with existing federal communications programs and key emergency response stakeholders to address the need to develop better technologies and processes for the coordination of existing communications systems and future networks.

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