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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAFECOM's interoperability website?

This website provides members of the emergency response community and other stakeholders with resources created by SAFECOM and its partner organizations such as the National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators and the Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications to improve public safety interoperability.

What is the interoperability continuum?

As these functions have become increasingly interwoven and complex, the Interoperability Continuum is focus ed on assisting the emergency response agencies and policy makers to plan and implement interoperability solutions for sharing data and voice communications among each other.

What does SAFECOM do?

SAFECOM works with existing federal communications programs and key emergency response stakeholders to address the need to develop better technologies and processes for the coordination of existing communications systems and future networks.

What is communications interoperability?

Communications interoperability is an ongoing process, not a one -time investment. Once a governing body is set up, it must be prepared to meet on a regular basis, drawing on operational and technical expertise to plan and budget for continual updates to systems, procedures, and training and exercise programs.

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