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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of release in Spanish?

Translation of "release" - English-Spanish dictionary. release. verb uk ​ /rɪˈliːs/ us ​ /rɪˈlis/ present participle releasing | past tense and past participle released. › to allow a prisoner to be free. poner en libertad, liberar. Six hostages were released shortly before noon.

What does life imprisonment mean in Spanish?

LIFE IMPRISONMENT – A type of sentence where the convicted criminal is ordered to spend the rest of his or her life in prison. CADENA PERPETUA – Un tipo de sentencia por la que el condenado es ordenado a pasar el resto de su vida en prisión. LIMINE – A motion requesting that the court not allow certain evidence that might prejudice the jury.

Is it worth it to learn Spanish legal terms?

Even if a job doesn’t require it, it’s still a skill that many employers covet. Learning Spanish legal terms will also increase the number of people you can serve. Even if a client speaks fluent English, he/she may be more comfortable communicating in Spanish.

What does it mean to break the law in Spanish?

CRIME – Something you do, or don't do, that breaks a law. If you are found guilty, you can be punished by: death; jail or prison; fine; being removed from office; being unable to hold any office of honor, trust, or profit. DELITO – Algo que la persona hace, u omite, que viola una ley.

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