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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aita mean on Reddit?

What does AITA mean? AITA stands for "Am I the a**hole?" and is a subreddit on the website Reddit. While it has also become an acronym on other social media sites, AITA has been a Reddit staple since the community was first formed on June 8, 2013, and has amassed 3.7million members since.

What are some examples of Aita?

AITA for telling my dad that he chose his new family and he needs to leave me and my sister alone. AITA for forcing my parents to get a last minute hotel? AITA for asking my wife to support her own (expensive) animal hobbies while we are on one income and have two kids?

What is the Aita community?

Essentially, the AITA community is a place where users can go to post their grievances amongst strangers and find out whether they are the situation's protagonist, antagonist, or if neither party (or both!) is to blame.

What is heartwarming about the top 10 Aita posts of the year?

What is heartwarming about the Top 10 upvoted AITA posts of the year, though, is how consistently devoid they are of true asshole behavior (at least from the folks writing the posts). There are some highs and lows—theft and revenge, cruel pranks and redemption, death and a message from beyond the grave.

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