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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between surveillance station and QVR elite?

QVR Elite has more functions and features than Surveillance Station. For example, giving each channel dedicated recording storage, and setting minimum/maximum recording days for each camera. QVR Elite also uses the same management app as QVR Pro, and QVR Pro Client.

Will QVR pro ever become less popular?

So QVR pro may get less popular as QuTS Hero gets more popular. Something worth mentioning is that when we discontinued Surveillance station, we gave people 3 free years of QVR Elite in exchange for the Surveillance Station licenses they had purchased.

What is QVR ecosystem?

QVR Ecosystem QVR Elite is compatible with the existing QVR Center and QVR Pro Client, allowing you to seamlessly transition from QVR Pro to QVR Elite. You can even use QVR Center to centralize your management of QVR Elite and QVR Pro systems, enabling the easy expansion of your surveillance service.

What is the QVR elite channel expansion license?

Subscribe QVR Elite channel expansion license to expand your smart security surveillance system flexibly. The lightweight and professional QVR Elite allows you to easily build a surveillance system with lower cost and higher scalability. Get the complete QVR Elite on QuTScloud and 2 free embedded channels with the QVR Elite Base License.

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