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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is QVR?

QVR’s solutions business is customer-centered, designing customized investment programs across tail risk hedging, inflation hedging, defensive equity and other areas to meet the needs of each client. We were founded in April 2017 in San Francisco by Benn Eifert, Tae Hong and Scott Toyama.

Can QVR center manage distributed surveillance servers?

Managing distributed surveillance servers shouldn’t be difficult. QVR Center is a central management solution for QVR Elite, QVR Pro, and older Surveillance Station, and VioStor NVR systems.

What is QVR pro API?

The API can connect QVR Pro with a wide range of IoT applications. These resources can be easily shared to make the surveillance system secure and more intelligent. QVR Pro has an independent recording space from QTS, ensuring dedicated storage space, high-quality recordings, and no performance interference.

Do I need a QVR center license?

You don’t need a QVR Center license for recording servers that have installed QVR Pro Gold license, or backwards compatible surveillance solutions such as Surveillance Station 5.1.5 or QVR 5.1.5. The easiest way to install QVR Center is online from the QNAP App Center on your QNAP device.

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