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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sunset purple bottle cost?

Sunset Purple bottle incl. 3 Pods Sunset Purple bottle incl. 3 Pods €39.99 Shipping working days:5-7 days Shipping:Just €49.00 away from free shipping Home Bottles Sunset Purple bottle incl. 3 Pods Whether you're lounging by the pool, working hard in the office, or just working out, express yourself throughout the day with our Sunset Purple bundle.

Are reusable water bottles BPA-free?

Our reusable water bottles are crafted from BPA-free Tritan, a high-quality material. Pop on a pod, experience over a gallon of delicious flavored water, all from a single pod. Drink. Refill. Repeat. Ready to start sipping?

Can air up® make plain water taste like your favorite flavors?

Still with us? The main takeaway here is that with air up®, you can make plain water taste like your favorite flavors, without adding any of the traditional additives found in conventional flavored drinks. Magic, but make it real.

Where does air-up ship to?

On we only ship to addresses in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czechia, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Malta, Cyprus If you want to ship to United States or another location, please select your preferred country below.

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