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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pravda stand for? ( Russian: Правда.Ру, lit. 'truth') formerly Pravda Online, is a Russian news website established in 1999 and owned by Holding headed by Vadim Gorshenin. [1] After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the oldest Soviet paper founded in 1912, Pravda, split into two different papers.

When did Pravda start? was registered in November 1999 and has been published since January 27, 1999. [7] also launched an English version (, a Portuguese version, as well as an Italian version. [8]

Is Pravda a pro-Kremlin site?

According to former State Duma deputy Boris Nadezhdin, Pravda.Ru is “a pro-Kremlin site that has been coming down on the opposition all the time”; according to Vladimir Pribylovsky, the site is maintained by the Department of Internal Policy of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. [26]

Is Pravda a leftist website?

In 2007 was classified as a popular leftist, nationalist news website by the Federation of American Scientists. [10]

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