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Frequently Asked Questions

Is music necessary for worship?

The Theology and Place of Music in Worship. It is, therefore, very important that a congregation have a rich "vocabulary of praise.". Simple, repetitive music such as praise choruses and Taize chants are very appropriate in worship and can be very effective in moving individuals to prayer and to praise.

What makes a worship song a worship song?

What makes a great worship song is its ability to cause one to think about God to the extent of moving one’s heart to worship Him, it’s born out of personal or congregational experience, it emotionally responds to who God is and it has an easily singable melody.

What is praise and worship dance?

Praise dance, as opposed to other forms of worship dance, is typically performed to a much faster and upbeat music tempo. Praise dancers can be seen waving their arms above their heads, clapping wildly, swaying their bodies, and moving their heads to the music.

What is a Praise Choir?

A praise choir is usually found in a contemporary, seeker oriented church and has a good number of members who haven’t had formal musical or “church” training. When I arrange for SAB (soprano, alto, baritone), I’m thinking of a praise choir. The men often sing melody, doubling the male worship leader.

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