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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRIM () function in PostgreSQL?

TRIM () function The PostgreSQL trim function is used to remove spaces or set of characters from the leading or trailing or both side from a string.

How do I trim multiple characters in PostgreSQL?

You can specify multiple characters to trim. PostgreSQL will remove any combination of those characters in succession: select trim(both 'abc' from 'abcbabccchellocbaabc'); btrim ------- hello PostgreSQL also supports the non-standard syntax of specifying which characters to remove as the last parameter, separated by a comma:

What is ltrim () function in PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL provides you with LTRIM, RTRIM () and BTRIM functions that are the shorter version of the TRIM () function. The LTRIM () function removes all characters, spaces by default, from the beginning of a string.

How do I remove spaces from a PostgreSQL string?

PostgreSQL TRIM function is used to eradicate spaces or a particular set of characters that may be leading, trailing or be present on both sides of the string. The trim () function can remove the longest string which can have characters in the beginning, at the end or both at the beginning and the end.

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